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Samantha Thibault

Labor Doula + Postpartum Doula + Placenta Encapsulation Professional

Samantha has always been passionate about working with families, either as a nanny, in a daycare, or, when she was younger, babysitting. Her work with non-profit organizations that provide medical care to under-served areas in Central America taught her the skills necessary to work together with the family and medical team cohesively, ensuring everyone is kept updated and informed.

Samantha learned about Postpartum Doula Support following the birth of her daughter, when her postpartum period didn’t go as planned. She has made it a personal mission to help other new parents get the support they need to be well physically and emotionally in the year after their baby is born. 

When Samantha isn’t providing the highest level of professional care to pregnant, birthing and recently postpartum families you can find her planning her next trip to South America, enjoying the outdoors with her daughter or baking up delicious goodies. 

Samantha Thibault is one of our lead Postpartum Placenta Specialists and our in-house Child Safety Seat Technician. She also teaches classes for parents planning to use hypnosis to manage the intensity of childbirth through her business Dulce Vida Doula Services.

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