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Doula Jessica is currently on maternity leave. Contact us to meet our other fabulous Calgary birth doulas.

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When Pregnancy Sucks, Don’t Suck It Up

The day begins with you heaving your body into an upright position, completely out of breath from the effort and bleary eyed after spending half the night getting up to pee. Your feet hit the floor like a couple of bricks stuffed inside bags of water. You think you...

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Just Breathe

Thanks to Lamaze, breathing patterns and techniques for labour have become something of an old joke but that doesn’t make breathing techniques any less useful for managing the intensity of labour. ​A slow and steady breathing pattern with help your body stay relaxed,...

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Tummy Time Sucks

When I had my first baby I followed all the rules… when people were looking. ​ The rest of the time I followed my instincts and did what I wanted. Tummy time was one of those things that I didn’t do and avoided talking about. All my children hated tummy time until...

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