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I have a confession. I have an agenda. I believe there is a right way to birth and I promise that when you hire a Chinook City Doula, the right kind of birth is yours for the taking. And you know what else I need to confess? I think you should have a birth just like mine!
I hired a doula for the birth of my youngest child. My goal was to have an unmedicated hospital birth, laboring mainly at home. My labor and the birth of my baby didn’t go as planned. It didn’t even kind of go as planned. And you know what? I was overjoyed. I felt empowered and strong and like I had accomplished something incredible.

Based on my previous experiences, I would have expected to be devastated by how the event had unfolded but this time it was different. It wasn’t just because I had a healthy baby, that I was ecstatic. It was because I made choices. I was in control. When my birth plan got derailed, I asked questions. Each time something changed, I made a choice. I worked with my circumstances and while it wasn’t the birth of my dreams, it was MY BIRTH. I owned this one.

I want that for my clients. I want you to feel like no matter how you gave birth, whether it was everything you’d ever hoped for or everything that could go wrong did go wrong, your birth belongs to you. I hope that you feel strong and powerful and know that you had that ish!​ 

I don’t care if you want to give birth on a fairy hill in the woods, or have a “mommy-make-over” while you’re still under from your scheduled cesarean section. Give birth the way that you want to. Advocate for yourself and your baby. Choose a doctor or midwife that you trust so you can get the information you need to give informed consent if things don’t go like you hope they will.


A doula’s true purpose is to support you, judgement free, while you call the shots. ​On your big day, you and your partner may have to navigate a few detours from your original plan. I am there to remind you to pause (if the situation allows), and to help you work out the best way to continue, the best way for your family. You have a choice. You are in control. You may not be in control of the circumstances that arise but you get to decide what’s next. Your birth belongs to you, your baby and your family, all you have to do is take it.
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