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If you have Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance you may be concerned about having your placenta encapsulated for consumption. Totally understandable.

When living a gluten-free life you always have to be on guard when it comes to food! For people with Celiac Disease or those who suffer from Gluten Intolerance, even a small amount of gluten can result in symptoms like:

  • Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation or smelly diarrhea
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Fatigue

Celiac Disease can affect just about every system in the body, including skin, hormones, bones, and joints.

Eating your placenta can be safe and completely gluten-free. The important things to consider when choosing a placenta encapsulation professional if you are on a gluten-free diet are where the placenta will be processed, where the equipment used will be sanitized, what kind of capsules are used and whether or not anything is added to your capsules.

Your placenta should be processed in your home if you are gluten-free.

The best way to ensure your placenta capsules are gluten-free is to choose a placenta encapsulation professional who will come to your home to process your placenta. There are many reasons why it is best for your placenta to be processed in your home but if you are gluten free it is a clear choice. The risk of your capsules being contaminated in someone else’s home is high, just like when others prepare your food.

Preparing placenta pills for our client’s in their home is at the foundation of the systems we have in place to maintain the safest placenta encapsulation available in Calgary.

People with Celiac Disease or who are Gluten Intolerant should ask questions about where the equipment that will be used is sanitized.

You will want to choose a placenta encapsulation professional who sanitizes their equipment in the client’s home and then stores the equipment in sealed bins or someone who sanitizes their equipment in a space that is reserved for that purpose only.

Our equipment is pre-sanitised in the client’s home and then fully sanitized in a designated space. No food of any kind is stored or prepared in the area that our equipment is sanitized. This ensures equipment will not be exposed to gluten between sanitization and when the equipment comes to your home to prepare your placenta pills.

Your placenta should only be prepared using capsules that are individually packaged and never stored near food.

It is important that your placenta encapsulation professional stores capsules (and all other supplies) in a food-free area. Capsules should be pre-portioned either by the placenta encapsulation profession with clean, gloved hands, in a food-free space, or a new sealed package should be purchased for each client. Your placenta encapsulation professional shouldn’t use capsules purchased from bulk bins, like those available at Community Natural Foods or from other health food stores. Only capsules purchased in a sealed package should be used.

Nothing should ever be added to your placenta capsules unless your placenta encapsulation professional is a qualified herbalist or Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.

Adding lemon or ginger to the steaming water of the placenta is acceptable, but nothing should ever be added to your placenta capsules. The only exception would be if your placenta encapsulation professional is qualified to prescribe herbs.

We add lemon and ginger to the steaming water to enhance the tonifying effects of your placenta capsules. Only steamed and dried placenta is put into your capsules.

Your placenta encapsulation professional should ask about food allergies and environmental allergies.

If your placenta encapsulation professional doesn’t ask about whether or not you have allergies, you should be concerned. It is unlikely that proper precautions are being taken if you are not asked about allergies prior to preparation. Be sure to verify that your placenta encapsulation professional is gluten aware when making inquiries.

When choosing Placenta Encapsulation in Calgary, you can be sure that your placenta pills are completely free of gluten contamination when working with Chinook City Doulas. Contact us today to reserve your due date!

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