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I spent a lot of time during my last pregnancy sewing the cutest little cloth diapers for my daughter. I was so excited to give birth so she could wear them (among other reasons, haha). I used cloth part time with my son before her, and it was a great experience. I ordered adorable diaper covers and made little flannel wipes. We were all set.


We started cloth as soon as she was home from the hospital. I was so proud using my beautiful little homemade diapers.

There was only one problem. She was always miserable. As soon as she peed even a drop she was even more miserable. We were going through more diapers than I could wash or make. We tried a chiropractor (which helped). I tried changing my diet in case it was my milk, nothing changed. I wore her all day or someone always held her. We co-slept (slept! ha!), and I made sure she was always dry, fed, the right temperature and didn’t have anything else going on that could be bothering her. I can’t tell you how many times I stripped her down certain she must have a thread wrapped around her toe or a tag rubbing her or something, anything! The mom that thought she knew almost every trick in the book for soothing an infant was stumped. Then one day I put two and two together.  The only time my baby was consistently happy was when she was naked. Those frantic strip downs always solved the problem so long as we didn’t re-dress her right away.

So I hit the wonderful world wide web, and I discovered there was a whole movement of parents who were not using diapers or only using them minimally.  I read everything I could get my hands on regarding “elimination communication”. We got a Becopotty,  a couple of waterproof bed pads and gave it a shot. Like magic. Problem solved. We got more than 20 minutes of sleep at a time!  It was like a miracle.

From DiaperFreeBaby.org:
“EC is NOT potty training… Elimination Communication (EC) is NOT potty training. It is a gentle, natural, non-coercive process by which a baby, preferably beginning in early infancy, learns with the loving assistance of parents and caregivers to communicate about and address his or her elimination needs. This practice makes conventional potty training unnecessary.”

At first we used diapers when out and about but accidents were pretty rare. With so many older sisters and a sensitive older brother someone always seemed to be in tune with her or at least be willing to try to take her potty.  By three months, we almost never used diapers unless we were traveling.

When she was about nine months old, I had to have abdominal surgery and could not lift her for a few weeks. At that point, we went back to diapers (mainly prefolds) because pottying a large nine month old requires a lot of support. Thankfully she was busier and more tolerant of wearing them although she still needed to be changed instantly. We started noticing that she would crawl to the potty if she had to go and she could easily be helped on. Once she could walk, before her first birthday, it wasn’t long before she could go herself. And that was that. I’m not sure when we completely stopped using diapers “just in case”. We never dedicated any time to potty training. She has been sleeping naked since she was three months old.  That’s how she likes it, and she has only wet the bed a handful of times in her entire life.

I love helping my clients get more in tune with their babies. As a postpartum doula in Calgary, I get the opportunity to help my clients learn about the different infant care methods that they are interested in exploring. I can help you find what you are looking for whether you plan to try Elimination Communication, use HuggiesgDiapersApplecheeks or prefolds. If you don’t know what some of those are I can help with that too!

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