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Why would you hire someone you only recently met to be with you and help you go through labor?
The reasons of why a family decides to hire labor support are as varied as families themselves.  But typically, we’ve seen it can boil down to a few things:
1. You are unsure of how you will react in labor and are looking for experienced support to help guide the process based on the plans laid out beforehand. 

Doulas offer support.  Non-judgmental support means a doula can be the perfect person to delegate tasks to.
“I need a cool washcloth.”  “Help me change positions.”  “Tell my mom to come back in an hour.”

2. You do not want to be alone.

When clients start learning about labor and how their plans will work with typical hospital protocols, it may become concerning how much time medical staff isn’t present.  For a person that would like to get clarification or ask small questions, or heck, even chat through labor, they may not get what they need because paging a nurse to come in for something “minor” would cause guilt or even embarrassment.

Doulas love to answer any question you have!  Ask all the questions!  We want you to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable.  A nurse wants that too, but she may not be able to give undivided support.

3. You are trying to increase the amount of security and flexibility available, for yourself, or for your partner. 

For families that share deep connections and are incredibly attuned, going through labor can mean added pressure to keep a partner from feeling any excess pain, pressure, or anguish.  Sometimes the woman with the contractions is more worried about how much pain her partner may be in than her own!

A doula is a perfect help for this, as she can help reassure that the process is well and normal. If the doula can help the partner relax, show ways he can help her relax and show her HE is fine, then she is then finally able to focus on herself and get to the work of having a baby.

4. You are looking for a resource for information.

Many clients are very well versed in the ways, methods, medications, positions, techniques, and language surrounding birth.  For a well-researched client, there can be anxiety over forgetting a piece of information.

Doulas are a great help to these families, as we are walking birth books!  You get the benefit of having someone you can ask questions of that are specific to your educational based needs, as well as brainstorm alternate plans, should unexpected events occur.  A doula is unemotionally attached to your birth experience.   For the client that is not looking for overly emotional reactions from those in her labor room, a doula can be the perfect caring resource with healthy, unemotional reasons for being present.

If any of these reasons resonate with you in your search for labor support, I encourage you to contact us with questions.  We love to meet you where you are at in this process and know you will find exactly what you need from Chinook City Doulas.  

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