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Why would you hire someone to be in your home and help you with your new baby and household tasks?  Can’t your friends and family just come over and help you? Doesn’t a nurse come and help you feed your baby a few days after you come home from the hospital? Can’t you just call your doctor if you have a question?


Every family is different but in our experience there are five main reasons our clients are seeking postpartum doula support. 
Here are the top reasons you may want to hire a postpartum doula:

1) You don’t have experience with babies and are looking for experienced support to help you put your parenting plan into place.

A doula’s job is to support you.  Non-judgmental, unbiased support means a doula is the perfect person to delegate tasks to. Your doula can sterilize the bottles, help you get comfortable breastfeeding, whip up some dinner. Whatever you ask!

2) Being home with a new baby by yourself can be lonely.

For some parents, just knowing someone experienced, knowledgeable and caring is available, helps them to feel more confident. Not only do new parents often lack companionship, it can be scary to be left alone with a brand new baby.  For a person that would like to get clarification or ask small questions in those first few days, weeks or month, they may not get what they need and calling the doctors office for something “minor” would cause guilt or even embarrassment.

Your postpartum doula wants you to feel comfortable and safe! Ask all of the questions you need to ask. Let’s talk about it! While your friends and family may be able to do the same, they may not be continuously available or able to remain unbiased about your parenting choices.

3) You want to ensure that your family, home and partner are looked after while still being able to meet your own needs and those of your newborn.

Some new parents have no problem letting things slide around the house after their baby is born. For others, it is important to have a tidy home, for their older children to be attended to, for healthy meals to be prepared for their family, lunches to be packed, and for laundry to be kept up. These parents don’t want anyone to feel that their needs are not being met.

Hiring a postpartum doula allows you to Sleep when baby sleeps.”. A doula also allows you to Do laundry when baby does laundry. and Wash dishes when baby washes dishes..  You can look after your newborn’s needs as well as your own and your home continues to run smoothly.

4) You are looking for a resource for information.

Perhaps you have done a lot of research or you have older children.  For a well-researched or experienced client, there can be anxiety over forgetting a piece of information or having missed information that may become important.

Doulas are a great help to these families, as we are experts on pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery!  You can benefit from having a doula available to answer questions that are specific to your informational needs. A doula is not emotionally invested in your experience and is able to give objective and accurate information and direct you to resources that will do the same.

5. You just need a break.

The endless nights of cluster feeding have been catching up with you and you’d give anything to catch up on sleep. Some families are confident when they take baby home and everything goes smooth for the first few weeks until the sleep deprivation catches up!

If any of these reasons resonate with you in your search for postpartum support, I encourage you to contact us with questions.  We love to meet you where you are at in this process and know you will find exactlwhat you need from Chinook City Doulas.

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