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Your parents and In-laws have everything right? Everything except a grandchild and you’re working on that! Congratulations, BTW!

If you’re like me, holiday shopping is both exciting and terrifying. I tend to put it off until the very last minute when I absolutely can’t avoid it any longer. Which means I can’t shop online because even Amazon Prime can’t get it to me that fast.

Shopping for our parents is one of my least favorite ventures. I used to resort to crocheted wash clothes, because who doesn’t need a fresh stash of pretty dish clothes every year?Now that we have 5 children (and I don’t have time to make one crotched dishcloth let alone a dozen), I usually opt for Christmas photos of the kids.

But, back to your shopping.What if you could give the grandparents-to-be in your life a gift that not only keeps on giving but that you could be certain they would want, wouldn’t already have, wouldn’t take up space in their home, and might even benefit you?

Hello! Grandparent Class!

Grandparent Classes are a blast. We do completely private classes, allowing your parents to schedule the class at their convenience and even invite their friends. We go over all the latest and greatest in recommendations for infant care, help them to understand you as a parent and give them the low down on how they can best help you without driving you mad.

Grandparents far away? We can do classes on Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime, too!

Grandparent Classes go over:

  • Top 20 Birth, Parenting, and Breastfeeding Myths Dispelled
  • Understanding (and supporting) the Modern Parent
  • What Kind of Grandparent Will You Be?
  • How Pregnancy and Parenting Has Changed and Stayed the Same
  • It’s a Plan – Birth Planning and the Modern Parent
  • Our Birth, A Private Affair
  • The Big Moment – What Happens Next?
  • Having a Baby Today – Current Recommendations: Cord Care, Circumcision, Bathing, Sleep, Immunizations, Car Seat Safety, Infant Feeding, and Support
  • Being the Best Grandparent Possible – Enjoying Your Grandchild
  • Pets, Grandchildren, and Safety in Your Home

Your parents will love this one of a kind gift that will help them to be the best parent and grandparent that they can be!

Grandparent Classes can be purchased by contacting Chinook City Doulas or online. You will receive an electronic gift certificate that can be printed or emailed to your parents for Christmas. Classes are $120 CAD and can accommodate up to 8 people per class. They provide the space, refreshments for their guests, and we provide the information and materials for class!

Check your parents off your Christmas Shopping List today!

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