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Last week we had several random internet users give us feedback on the Chinook City Doulas website. The reviews were very positive and people loved the usability and clean look! One user even said “The only thing that frustrates me about this website is that Chinook City Doulas is not in my city!”.

My favorite user was a young, childless woman. She struggled with pronunciation of the word doula (/ˈdlə/) or do-la. She really opened my eyes to how little most people know about our work and how many people have never even heard of a doula. She was very frustrated by the multitude of words she didn’t understand or know how to pronounce but the thing she said that stood out to me the most was:


There seem to be three camps of people out there; those that know what placenta encapsulation is and it makes them want to vomit, those that think it is amazing and are very excited to see that this service is available and those that do not know what in the world placenta encapsulation is or why they would want to have it done.

Placenta encapsulation is a service we provide at Chinook City Doulas to aid in recovery from pregnancy and birth. Clients bring their placenta home from the hospital or have it packaged up by their midwife to be steamed, dried, ground and made into capsules for ingestion. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists come to the client’s home to prepare the placenta and offer some support to the new parents. We don’t currently have any good quality scientific studies to know exactly what is in the placenta or how it benefits recovery but our clients are so excited to share their positive experiences with us. Most people choose placenta encapsulation to:

  • recover from pregnancy and birth faster
  • avoid postpartum depression and mood disorders
  • reduce the occurrence of the baby blues
  • replenish their body’s nutrients and restore hormonal balance
  • improve milk supply
  • lessen postpartum bleeding
We have Calgary’s top Postpartum Placenta Specialists on staff to ensure your health and safety when ingesting your placenta. We would love to discuss more about our process. Please check our events page for upcoming Placenta Encapsulation Info Nights to learn more!

Calgary Placenta Encapsulation.

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