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The first doula workshop I took met my expectations. We were taught about the physiological process of birth, the risks and benefits of interventions, what to pack in our doula bags, how to perform a bad ass hip squeeze and more.

Then I joined ProDoula. In the ProDoula workshops I took, we also learned about the physiological process of birth, about risks and benefits and how to perform hip squeezes. Again, I learned everything I expected to learn…



I walked away from my ProDoula workshops with something that has drastically altered my relationships not only with my friends, family and colleagues but my relationship with myself.

Before being welcomed into the ProDoula family, I placed a higher value on specific skills, and all of them seemed to be skills that I lacked. I hated this entire part of myself that struggled to plan everything out, focus on details, maintain routine and review tasks that had already been done. I can cope for a week or two, but to keep up on those types of tasks I require strict systems, and accountability. As a business owner, it has always been my Achilles Heel, and I had developed a large amount of self loathing as a result. Until ProDoula.

ProDoula has taught me that while everyone is different, and has a variety of strengths and weaknesses, everyone has significant value. The value of ones strengths is not depreciated by ones weaknesses. ​ProDoula teaches us about different personality types and communication styles. They also encourage business partnerships because its only realistic to be strong in some areas and be less proficient in others. Finding a partner that is strong where you are not creates balance within your organization.

This knowledge has allowed me to treasure my strengths and accept my weaknesses. It allows me to value the strengths of others as well, without judging them based on the qualities they lack.

With clients, this mindset had changed the support that I provide.

My clients are all individuals and require individualized support. They usually have needs that are different from what mine would be. I am able to come to each client without preconceived notions of what her needs will be. Valuing the attributes of each person, individually, eliminates judgement.  A mother who prefers to be led by her infants cues is no more or less a loving parent than the mother who craves the set routine and structure of her life before children.

My client’s choices are all different, and have a variety of risks and benefits. I completely support each choice, because like the people we work with, the benefits of an option are not necessarily less because of the risks. As parents, you will weight the risks and benefits as they apply to you, in order to create balance within your family. As doulas, my team will be there to support you.

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