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You’re pregnant!

Whether it’s a surprise or you’ve been hoping, wishing, and praying, you’re going to be a parent! After the initial feelings wear off, you might be wondering… now what?

​​Determining Your Due Date

Your doctor will ultimately determine your due date based on your last menstrual period, the date of your IUI, and/or a dating ultrasound. While you wait, you can predict your due date using an online calculator.

You need a Primary Caregiver

Early, consistent prenatal care is important. In Calgary, family doctors, obstetricians and midwives provide medical care for pregnancy and deliver babies. If you don’t already have a prenatal care provide you can ask your family doctor for a referral, or contact Health Link for a list of doctors that are accepting new patients. If you would like midwifery care, you should fill out a Request for Care.

Learn more about Choosing a Primary Care Provider here

Building a Birth Team

What professional and person support would you like? Do you want your parents or other family at your birth, or around to help once baby is born? Which friends can you rely on to provide you with support? Will you book a prenatal/postpartum package with a lactation consultant? Hire a team of doulas? A baby planner?

Consider adding doula support to your team. Both labour doulas and postpartum doulas are an integral part of having a smooth pregnancy, birth, and recovery. Schedule a consult with our team today to start receiving the personized support you deserve. Our doulas work cohesively with everyone on your team, ensuring your experience is all about you!

Get Educated!

You have a variety of options for childbirth education. Good quality childbirth education classes with help you prepare for birth, provide you with unbiased information on your choices for birth, and inform you of the most up to date recommendations and hospital policies. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you may prefer group classes or private classes in your home, on your schedule. We can offer custom classes tailored to your goals. Contact us for more information!

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