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The postpartum period is hazy and raw.

Like walking through dense fog.

Yesterday you carried life within you and today you cradle it in your arms.


Your mind is cloudy. Your bottom is physically raw if you gave birth vaginally. Your abdomen is a raw line of staples or stitches if you experienced a surgical birth. Your breasts swell and ache. Your uterus cramps and tightens returning to size.

But there you are.

A mother. A woman.

And the real rawness is deep inside. 

It’s clearly visible through the eyes of every new mother I have ever supported.

Something animalistic that speaks of bliss and bravery, fear, exhaustion, and power… all at the same time. I imagine the lioness has that same something in her eye as she lies in the den with her new cubs.

The rawness of the postpartum period holds your emotions just under the surface. You may laugh and cry at the same moment. Your fears and dreams come together, sharp like a knife to slash through the fog. To escape what feels like a lucid dream.

Perhaps it is the lack of sleep, and there is certainly a hormonal factor involved, but one cannot deny that there is something about the postpartum period. Something unlike any other time in a woman’s life.

And then it’s over.

Life moves along.

The fog stays behind. It settles over the challenges and discomforts you faced to get pregnant, during your pregnancy and as you birthed. It erodes the memories, eating away at any sharp edges, and when you shine the light back upon the memories only the love shines back through the glowing haze…


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