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You’ve loved her since the moment you first heard her laugh. You could hardly believe it when she agreed to spend the rest of her life with you and now…


You’ve been doing everything to pamper her, including more than a few midnight trips to the store to satisfy those pregnancy cravings. At least you thought you were doing everything, until someone mentioned the “push present” he’d gotten his wife when she gave birth to their first baby.

A “push present”


You mean the baby?

He didn’t mean the baby. A push present is a gift to show the mother of your child just how much you appreciate what she has done for your family. You know, sacrificing her body, morning sickness, unmentionable discomforts and humiliations, and unimaginable pain either from labor or the recovery from her cesarean birth.

So, how could you possibly purchase anything that even begins to display your gratitude?  Well, you probably can’t but we have a few suggestions based on what our clients have loved receiving in the past.

Jewelry is always a winner.

If you don’t normally buy her jewelry, we recommend Tiffany & Co. Their associates can help you find the perfect gift to show your gratitude. Most appreciated gifts among our clients include pendants, charm bracelets, and rings.

A vacation is a gift for both of you.

Traveling with a little one is easier than you may think. New babies often sleep through the flight and even dinner’s out. So go ahead and book that tropical getaway! If you have older children, many family friendly resorts have on site childcare and kid’s programs (or bring your postpartum doula!), leaving the two of you free to take those long walks on the beach and sip margaritas at the poolside bar. Ask your travel agent what they recommend!

The ultimate “push present”.

When budget isn’t an object many fathers-to-be find the only way to truly show their gratitude is to wrap a ribbon around that shiny new ride she’s been eyeing. Whether she prefers a little car that’s as driven as she is or has been coveting an Audi Q7 with space for all of the baby’s necessities, nothing says “Thank you for that.” quite like a new ride.

Did you give or receive a push present? We’d love to know what it was!
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