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Our local hospitals here in Calgary routinely provide new parents with an undisturbed hour following the birth of their baby.


When facilitating an undisturbed first hour the baby is immediately placed on the mother’s chest. During this time the baby may initiate breastfeeding, initial bonding begins and the third stage of labor occurs (the birth of the placenta).
 An undisturbed first hour is being encouraged at Calgary regional hospitals as routine, when initial assessment shows the birthing parent and baby appear well. 

Research shows the benefits of this undisturbed first hour, where weights, measurements, and other treatments are delayed, are numerous. Breastfeeding success increases, the baby is better able to regulate his body systems, parent-infant bonds are secured, and the infant’s immune system is improved. 

Often as a doula, I find parents are not really sure what to do with this time. It’s unexpected. Media and past experiences have conditioned us to expect that the baby is born, the cord is cut, and the baby is whisked away to a warmer where he is measured, cleaned, swaddled  and more, before being handed back to the joyful parents. It has been found that by quickly separating the baby and the parent, both become distressed, interfering with bonding and breastfeeding.  


Allow your baby to find his way to your breast. Inspect, touch, rub, smell and kiss your baby as you desire. Leave your baby to his own devices and you may witness the miraculous breast crawl! We highly recommend you are skin to skin and tummy to tummy with your baby under a warm blanket during this time. Get to know this little person you carried inside you for 9 months!
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