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You’re ready to start interviewing doulas but how do you know what questions to ask? Although endless lists can be found with a simple Google search you want to know exactly what to ask to make the process of hiring a doula quick and easy! Here are our five must ask questions to help you find the best Calgary doula for you!


What is your philosophy in regards to birth?

No matter what your personal birth philosophy is, we recommend a doula who believes in your ability to make the decisions that are best for your family. The doulas philosophy should be open minded ensuring you’ll receive the same level of support regardless of how your birth takes shape on the big day!

What is your relationship like with my doctor/midwife and the staff at the hospital I am delivering at?

Your birth should be about you. The best way to ensure that you receive well rounded care is to create a birth team that will work cohesively together. Professional doulas respect medical care providers and can help you effectively communicate your needs and desires.

Do you have liability insurance?

So important. While it may be uncomfortable to consider the possibilities that require liability insurance, having a policy shows that your doula is a professional and has the foresight to understand that his/her clients, family, and business need to be protected. Additionally, insurance providers will only cover doulas that have taken an approved training.

What happens if you are sick when I need you?

Doulas are regular people that get illnesses, have sick kids, family emergencies, travel, etc. So what happens if something sudden and important happens and your doula is unavailable when you need support? You should look for doulas that work within a team model, share a call schedule, or at the very least have consistent, paid, contracted backup. 

When will you go on call for me?

You will want to know when the doula can be expected to attend your birth. Traditionally, doulas have a restricted call time, usually beginning about 37 weeks and ending at 42 weeks. Others will go on call the moment you sign your contract, guaranteeing you’ll have the support you’re paying for regardless of whether labor begins early or well beyond your due date. 

Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions, or request references, background checks and proof of training. A professional doula will be happy to provide you with any of the above and answer your questions clearly and concisely. You deserve optimal care throughout your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey!

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