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Yesterday, I published Part One of this three-part series about the different types of support that doulas offer. I find the word support gets thrown around a lot in the birth world and that if you ask most people what it means in relation to the childbearing year, they don’t really know, including many doulas. I want people to know what we mean at Chinook City Doulas when we say we offer physical support, emotional support and educational support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

In Part Two, the focus is on emotional support. What is emotional support for labor and postpartum and how does it benefit you?

ProDoula, the certification agency for the modern doula, describes emotional support as “the ability to connect with someone else by having a sensitive, understanding, approach to their needs and feelings.” Overall, emotional support is giving encouragement, reassurance, and having a judgement free attitude towards the person you are helping.

At Chinook City Doulas, we do not have a personal agenda. We only work with doulas who have an unbiased, judgement free attitude towards birth. The only things on our agenda are for you to feel good about your experience and confident in your abilities as a parent. How ever you choose to birth or parent you can feel safe talking to your CCD doula about your needs and goals. We want you to feel heard and to feel confident in your voice. We believe a mother cannot give without first having a full reservoir. Your doula will attune to your needs and feelings. We aim to nurture you through the journey of becoming a parent so that your reservoir is overflowing. Your connection with your doula facilitates communication and allows you to work through your fears and anxieties, as well as your hopes and emotions.

With encouragement, you decide what feels right for you. With reassurance and nurturing, your doula helps you to relax emotionally so that you can focus on working through your labor, or managing the challenges of having a new baby.

You deserve to be heard! You are entitled to sympathetic, comforting, and compassionate care. We hope you will allow Chinook City Doulas to nurture you as you become the nurturer.

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