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Let’s be honest, those first couple bouts of nausea are exciting. You’re actually pregnant!  It’s as real as the cold porcelain you’re knelt in front of and you can’t wait to tell everyone that you’ve got it!

Morning sickness.

It can get old real fast, though. Interrupting your morning shower and putting you off your favorite food, not to mention complicating your career. If you’re one of the especially unlucky ones, the misleadingly named morning sickness doesn’t restrict itself to only one specific time of day. You may have morning, noon and night sickness.

I am no stranger to pregnancy induced nausea. During my first pregnancy, I developed morning sickness right away. It wasn’t long before I was throwing up when I got out of bed, then when I brushed my teeth, again at the C-train station on my way downtown, again when I arrived downtown and so on. I even threw up on a crowded city bus once. Thank goodness I was heavily pregnant and the next stop was in front of a maternity shop where I was able to find a new shirt and get cleaned up. After seven months of being told it would pass, I was finally given a medication to keep things under control. I had morning sickness during all but one of my five pregnancies.

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If you just have nausea here and there, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help based on the time of day you are feeling unwell.

Morning Sickness
If you wake up feeling ill regularly, it’s a good idea to keep a glass of water and some saltines or other dry, bland food  at your bedside. Nibble on them before getting up.

Middle-of-the-day Sickness
Keep hard sour candies in your purse. Ice Breakers Sours work well and Preggie Pop Drops are specifically for this purpose. Even sipping tart lemonade can be helpful. Think sour, tart, fresh.

Night Sickness
Some women experience more night sickness than morning sickness. Peppermint or ginger tea can be helpful and relaxing. Sip slowly.

Find out how other pregnant women in Calgary are managing morning sickness by visiting the Facebook Group Pregnant In Calgary.

Other ways to keep your food down

Candied ginger, peppermints or gum,  smelling sliced citrus, acupressure wristbands like Sea-Band and prenatal acupuncture can all be helpful in managing nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy. Calgary’s Erin Legare-Tremblay of Prema Health is a Registered Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinook City Doulas Ltd. highly recommends her for prenatal acupuncture and you can find her contact information on our Links page.

If you are throwing up or nauseated so often it is having a significant impact on your day to day life,  you need to stress that to your care provider, even of you are continuing to gain weight. Your doctor or midwife will help you decide what the best course of action is for your symptoms.

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