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The first and most important way to build and maintain a relationship with anyone is to treat them with the respect they deserve. The medical professionals we work with are no different. We recognise how vital their role is to maternity care. They are the medical experts and the only ones qualified to give you medical advice. Undermining the medical professionals we work with doesn’t benefit our business, you as the client, or the culture surrounding birth in our community.


It’s a priority for us to build these relationships. When primary care providers trust our doulas and know that your doula will be a cohesive member  of your birth team, they return that respect, make our job easier, know their job will be easier, and are able to focus 100% on your care.

…​And I have to say, it’s a wonderful feeling when a client says they mentioned my name to their doctor and were told my company is a great choice!

Each of our doulas knows that when we behave as a part of the team, we better support you. Chinook City Doulas is committed to forming and fostering trusting, respectful relationships with the other professionals you have chosen. You can be confident that when you hire Chinook City Doulas your entire team will work together to provide you with the highest quality of well rounded and complete care.

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