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Facebook groups provide a wealth of information support and community. I am a member of many and you can often find me scrolling through my favorites, asking questions or sharing information. I recently noticed there was a gap in the groups available to women in the Calgary area. We have numerous chat groups for moms, buy and swaps, and support groups but nothing specifically geared for women in the childbearing year. To fill the need for such a group Chinook City Doulas created a new Facebook Group exclusively for new moms!
Pregnant in Calgary is a closed group, meaning others can find the group, and view the member list but only active members can see what is being posted in the group. Members of Pregnant in Calgary share their experiences, vent about their difficulties, offer each other advice and have the opportunity to seek evidence based information from childbirth professionals. Popular topics include “How do I handle my overbearing mother-in-law?”, “Which hospital did you deliver at and what was your experience?” and “What are your pregnancy cravings?”. The group is small at this time but as it grows so will the value of the group as a resource.

To keep the group useful and safe, members are carefully screened before being added to the group and only women who are pregnant, actively trying to conceive or have recently delivered their babies are added. Generally, Pregnant in Calgary is limited to women in the Calgary region but there are some exceptions. It seems Calgary is not the only area lacking a Facebook Group for pregnant women.
We welcome you to join the Pregnant in Calgary Facebook Group and invite friends that you think would benefit from and add to conversation!

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