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If you’re planning to breastfeed, even for a short time, there are a ton of items on the market to make your job a little bit easier. Through my experience as a labour and postpartum doula, and through my personal experience both bottle feeding and breastfeeding, I have seen many products come and go.

​Let’s talk about what works, which items are a good investment, and what’s just plain nice to have!

Nursing Pads are definitely an essential. Whether you choose a disposable option or washable pads is up to personal preferences. I always used a combination of both. Disposable nursing pads are convenient, you can have a large supply on hand and they work especially well when out and about all day or traveling. I found washable nursing pads kept me feeling drier and more comfortable. Washable nursing pads are also budget friendly over the long tern but you do have to make sure to keep up on the laundry.

Lacey’s Picks:

Johnson Nursing Pads – Disposable and readily available at locations such as Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walmart and BabiesRUs.

Bamboobies – Super soft and highly absorbent reusable pads made from bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Locally available at Ella Bella Maternity.

Bamboobies | Lacey's Picks: Breastfeeding Essentials | Calgary Doula Blog

Good quality nursing bras can really go a long way towards making your breastfeeding experience enjoyable. The right support, convenience, and a lack of pressure points—which can potentially cause clogged milk ducts—go a long way. I highly recommend getting fitted at a maternity boutique, or specialty bra shop. Choosing pretty bras and matching panties will be uplifting even on your most MOMbie-like days!

Lacey’s Picks:

Bravado Designs Bliss Nursing Bra ​- These were my personal favourite when I was breastfeeding my youngest. Not the sexiest nursing bra on the market but unbelievably comfortable and flawless under a t-shirt. Find it in Calgary at West Coast Kids.

Hotmilk Lure Black Flexiwire Nursing Bra – ​Sexy and practical! Hotmilk Lingerie is available at Posh Mommy Maternity in Kensington.

Hotmail Lingerie Nursing Bras | Lacey's Picks: Breastfeeding Essentials | Calgary Doula Blog

Nipple ointments, though not generally necessary, can offer some peace of mind or comfort. Lanolin based nipple ointments are my personal preference, but that may be just because that’s what my lactation consultant gave me when I was breastfeeding the first time. Using your milk on damaged or dry nipples is wonderfully beneficial, others choose coconut oil. Nipple ointments are really a matter of personal preference. Ask your doctor or lactation consultant if you’d like more information. 
Lacey’s Picks:

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Ointment is the most widely available nipple ointment. You’ll find it at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walmart and BabiesRUs.​

For a vegan, organic, non-GMO option, I love Anointment Nipple Butter. Find it in Calgary at Babes In Arms.

Anointment Nipple Butter | Lacey's Picks: Breastfeeding Essentials | Calgary Doula Blog

If you are planning on being separated from your breastfed baby for any extended length of time or will be returning to work while lactating the right breast pump is going to be super important. The ideal pump for you will depend on whether you are pumping out of medical necessity, because you’re going back to work, or just to allow someone else to feed the baby sometimes. Way too much information for this post! Perhaps a future post about breast pumps?

Lacey’s Picks:

Baby Gear Labs does really informative product comparisons. The Best Breast Pump can help you choose the breast pump that is right for you. ​​

Breastfeeding pillows will really save your shoulders and back and also serve double duty as the perfect surroundings for a little one learning to sit, or for supervised, propped up tummy time. I didn’t have one of these until I had my youngest child and I could not believe I had been missing out on the comfort and support a nursing pillow offers a breastfeeding parent. 

Lacey’s Picks:

Made right here in Calgary, The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow has to be my very favorite! Find it locally at ​a variety of locations listed on their website.

Check out Lacey’s Picks regularly for all of Lacey Park’s favorite products and where to find them in Calgary! What are some of your most loved items that make breastfeeding easier?​

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