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Much of what I do as a doula agency owner is network with other professionals. I aim to not only share my vision for Chinook City Doulas and my amazing team but also to learn about the other businesses and people in my community working with new families. I get so excited to meet with other people working hard to build their dreams and share their passion with the world. 


I am always surprised when other professionals, who have dazzled me with their social media presence, knowledge, passion, and commitment, express fear and doubt in their abilities.

​I love being able to hold up a proverbial mirror and show them what I see. To share the strong impression that they have made on me and to let them know that I believe in their dream. It’s amazing to watch them walk away a little taller, smiling brighter. Without a doubt, I know that they will carry that added confidence to their future interactions and that means more to me than I can say. 

It’s a privilege to instill confidence in others.

As a doula and in life, I always see the shine in the people I interact with. I am honoured that others trust me to hold up their mirror. It has become my duty to unwaveringly do so whenever I am invited. Some times we hold our own mirror at an angle that doesn’t allow us to see how bright we shine. I like to think a huge component of my work as a doula is to hold the mirror and let each person’s light shine back at them. 

I am so grateful for the people who hold the mirror for me. 

My ProDoula trainers, my team, the other professionals I interact with, my friends and family… All of the people who believe in my dream and cheer for Chinook City Doulas.

Thank you for bearing the weight of the looking glass and showing me just how bright I can shine.

Thank you for giving me the strength to do the same for others every day.

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