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Often, a doula is referred to as an advocate for expectant parents. People are told their doula will speak up for them, fight for their birth plan and protect them from interventions they didn’t expect to experience. There are doulas who perpetuate this expectation with their words or behavior.
You will not find a Chinook City Doula acting as an advocate for a client. A doula acting as an advocate or an activist during your birth is bad news!

Your primary care provider, the hospital staff, and your doula are a team!

It is important to Chinook City Doulas to maintain respectful, professional relationships with local care providers. I attend your birth to work with the team you build to support you best. If I am combative, or disrespectful to your doctor, midwife or nurse, I will likely be asked to leave. I am no good to you if I am not there. I am no good to anyone if I go around getting myself banned from hospitals and birth centers.

By choosing a doctor or midwife that you trust you avoid needing someone to fight for you. You have the right to choose the best primary care provider for you. If you meet your new OB and he/she doesn’t support your idea of birth, you can choose a different one. Pick the doctor or midwife that you feel safe with, that you trust! Many pregnant couples don’t know they are not stuck with the first OB their family doctor refers them to.

You don’t need anyone to speak for you!

You and your partner are strong and capable parents. It is your responsibility to speak up for your family. There is no better time than the birth of your child to find your assertive voice. If something is happening in your birthing space that you do not understand you are allowed to ask as many questions as you would like. It is your body and your baby in that room, and you should feel comfortable asking for what you want and learning more about what you do not understand. You are in control of your birth!

I can provide evidence-based information to help you make decisions. If you’d like, I can assist you in finding the right words to express your concerns and desires as well as provide you with planning and decision-making tools.

 I am not a medical professional.
I do not have the training, knowledge and skills to advise you on what you should or should not do. I certainly do not have any business advising your highly skilled and trained doctor, midwife or nurse on what they should be doing. Prenatally, I will address some of the ways you can work with your birth team to make decisions. I can provide information and possible options, but only your doctor can interpret your individual circumstances or condition and advise you accordingly. That is why it is so critical that you trust your care provider.

I do have the training and skills to create a calm environment, provide comfort measures, and reassure you. I have the knowledge to explain if you do not understand the process of what is happening. If your birth does not go according to plan I can assist you with improvising a new plan that accommodates any alterations that have been made.

Only you know what is best for your family.

What is best for your family is very individual. Each family is different. Each woman will want different things for her body, and each couple will have different preferences for their child. No matter how much you work with your doula prenatally she can not know how you feel about everything that could happen. Further, those preferences might change during labor. The intensity of labor, the unpredictability and ever-changing waves of bringing a child into the world can affect the plans you have laid. You may find that what you wanted prior to labor is not the same halfway through or as birth becomes imminent. Only you know what is going on internally, within yourself and on an intimate level with your partner.

I am there by your side regardless of how your plans change. As your doula, your birth philosophy is mine.

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