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You may worry about feeling left out and slightly useless when your baby is exclusively breastfed. You may wonder what you can do to connect with your baby. Babies need so much more than food and can be soothed other ways. It’s important for you to spend time with your newborn and develop a strong bond that will set the foundation for their future relationships in life.


Talk to your baby. You baby will recognise your voice and find it comforting and familiar. She heard you speaking from inside the womb. Sing songs, talk about what you are doing, share your dreams for her.

Offer objects for your baby to look at. Although newborns cannot see very far or well, your baby will enjoy looking at high contrast objects. Many baby toys come in bright colors and black and white.

Make faces. Baby’s prefer to look at human faces. Combined with your familiar voice, making expressive or silly faces at your baby is sure to delight her!

Read books. They’re never to young for you to read to them. Start early, reading favorites from your own childhood or keep yourself entertained by reading one of our favourite children’s books that are actually for adults.

Enjoy your daily routines together. Diaper changes, bath time, getting dressed, and daily activities with your baby in a carrier can be made fun and silly. Babies learn through life and the more you interact with, talk to, and engage your baby the better!

Wear your baby.You have unlimited options for infant carriers to suite your personal style. You’ll find exposing your baby to your day to day activities convenient with a baby carrier. By keeping your baby close, you’ll create a strong bond for both of you.

Just because you can’t feed your baby, doesn’t mean you aren’t an integral part of your baby’s health and security. Not only will your relationship bloom and grow by following these tips, your partner will appreciate the support!

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