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You want a water birth! You’re planning for the birth you’ve always dreamt of!

The benefits of waterbirth may include:

  • a  shortened labor
  • significant pain relief
  • increased relaxation
  • decreased risk of episiotomy
  • a gentler transition from womb to room

I was excited when I first toured South Health Campus in Calgary, Alberta and was informed by the hospital’s Lactation Consultant that there have been water births there in the past. They no longer provide birth pools to patients but it may still be an option if you bring your own birth pool and are under the care of midwives. Obviously, this is something you want to discuss with your midwives in case they have concerns or do not support water birth but how great is that?

This discussion led me to take a quick peek around the Calgary area for birth pools, I discovered that professional birth pools are prohibitively expensive to purchase and cost almost as much to rent! While the luxury of these professional birth pools is valuable, some couples are a little more DIY-minded.

Our local midwives at Aurora Midwifery say most of their clients use the Wet Set 3 ring blow up pool by Intex, which is 60 x 22 inches from Canadian Tire but they often only carry pools seasonally and that model is currently out of stock online. We suggest this Intex pool you can order from Amazon.ca for only $44.79. Since sharing this post several people have also recommended this pool as an alternative to a professional birth poolAll you need is a hose adapter (you can find a hose adaptor here, also on Amazon.ca) and a hose for potable water use which can also be found at Canadian Tire, on Amazon or in any camping supply store. You also want to purchase an inexpensive tarp or a plastic drop sheet to protect the floor.

And voila! A DIY birth pool!

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Did you have a waterbirth or are you planning one? 

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