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Do you have a feeling you might be having twins and just can’t seem to shake it? Most of us have cracked a joke or two about expecting twins during pregnancy. Sometimes in the early weeks of pregnancy you just can’t shake the feeling that you’re carrying more than one baby. Maybe people keep saying “You’re only 2 months?”. Maybe you feel more “pregnant” than you did last time, or twins run in your family. Have you been wondering if you might have more than one bun in the oven?
Here are some signs you that you might need to buy two cribs instead of just one:


An early positive pregnancy test can be a sign that you are expecting more than one baby. When you are carrying multiples your body produces more human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), the hormone that pregnancy testdetect. Of course, you might just be further along than you first thought or your body could just be playing tricks on you. Only an ultrasound will tell for sure!


When a woman is expecting twins she may gain weight more rapidly than if she were only carrying one baby. Additional weight gain may be noticeable as early as the first trimester due to increased blood volume and uterine size. Others may not notice considerable weight gain until the second trimester.


Is everyone shocked that you aren’t further along than you say? If you have already had a baby you can expect to show “show” earlier than you did when you were pregnant with your first baby, but a uterus that is measuring large based on your last menstrual period can indicate a multiple pregnancy!


If you slosh when you walk, you might be expecting twins!

​Joking aside, twin moms may experience more bloating and swelling than moms carrying a singleton. Edema, swelling of the lower extremities, hands and feet, may develop earlier and be more severe during a twin pregnancy.

What to watch for: While edema during pregnancy is usually normal there are some symptoms to watch for. If in addition to some swelling you experience swelling in one leg more than the other, a headache that won’t go away, vision changes, chest pains or difficulty breathing you need to contact your primary care provider right away!


Some women describe them as little purple worms under their skin. Varicose veins are swollen bulging veins that appear just under your skin. May women develop them during pregnancy. Thanks to all the extra blood you are carrying around and the added pressure of your larger, heavier uterus, your circulatory system is feeling the pressure! Additionally, progesterone causes the walls of your veins to relax and may add to the risk of developing varicose veins.

Increased hormone levels and weight gain means twin moms are much more susceptible to varicose veins than if they were only carrying one baby. Support stockings may be your new best friend!


While early pregnancy and fatigue are synonymous, extreme fatigue may be asign you are having twins.  Fatigue is a common sign of pregnancy in the first trimester but if a second-time mom is experiencing significantly more fatigue than she did during her previous pregnancy, it merits a mention to her care provider.

What made you suspect that you were carrying twins?

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