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You’re not alone if when planning a medication free birth, you want a doula that has either personally experienced birth without the use of an epidural or narcotics or has previously supported births that were un-medicated. Clients that are planning for a C-section will likely prefer a doula that is prepared to support surgical birth.


Perhaps breastfeeding is your number one goal. In that case, you may be looking for a doula that has breastfed successfully and has additional training for breastfeeding education. On the flip side, if you are planning to feed your baby a different way, you don’t want to have “breast is best” rammed down your throat when you know that feeding method has no bearing on love.
Whatever your goals, you deserve support that is prepared to keep moving forward towards your ideal experience and help you process changes that may occur along the way.

Your doula should assist you with following through on the decisions you have made.

She should ensure you are never alone (unless you want to be) on your journey.

It is your doulas duty to ensure the needs of your loved ones are met so that you can focus on your needs OR to meet your needs so that you can concentrate on the needs of the people you love.

A knowledgeable doula will provide you with relevant information from credible resources, as needed (just like bringing your prenatal class instructor with you to your birth)!

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The right doula training is essential. 

Our doulas have all attended comprehensive training workshops that have prepared them to assist you through whatever your birth experience brings. All of our doulas are members of organizations that hold them accountable and support them in offering experienced, unbiased, and judgment-free support. Our team is comprised of doulas that believe you have an obligation to chose what is right for your family, regardless of what others tell you is “best.”

Although we do not each have personal experience with every option or possibility, expert training and the ongoing support of our training organizations, and our team, prepares every Chinook City Doula to support every choice you make. ​
When you hire one of our doula teams, you hire our collective wisdom, the knowledge of our entire team, and the experience of us all. 
If you choose an un-medicated birth, we’ve been there, done that and will do everything we can to help you stay encouraged and comfortable (and we know some neat tricks!). If you’re planning an epidural, we’ve had epidurals and supported clients who have chosen epidurals. We are aware of exactly what you need to continue to have a comfortable and happy birth. Expecting a surgical birth? You guessed it, we’ve done that, too. Let us keep your partner calm, help you stay comfortable and focused and assist you through that initial recovery from surgery. We know exactly what you’re going through. 
Determined to breastfeed? We won’t quit on you! We can help you manage the challenges of learning this valuable new skill.

Not breastfeeding? We’ll help you chest feed, bottle feed, pump, warm your donor milk or make formula. We know you’re making the right choice for your family and we’re here for you. 
When it comes time to get more sleep, our postpartum doulas are experienced and prepared for that, too. We can support you on your sleep training journey, care for your babies through the night while you get the rest you need or bring your infant in to be fed by you, before taking him/her back to the nursery to be changed and put back to sleep. Need a nap? We’ve got you. You can take the baby, your toddler, or leave both with us while you go up and rest. 
Whatever your plans for parenthood, you can expect Chinook City Doulas will be prepared to offer you the support you need in a way that gives you confidence!

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