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Guest Post by Amanda King

Cloth diapering has been around for centuries but we have definitely come a long way from wet pants and pins. If you’re thinking of cloth diapering there are a lot of things to consider before diving in and it can be overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be.


First things first: Choosing the style of diaper that will best work for you and your baby.

This is important, as there are many different kinds, flats, prefolds and covers, pocket diapers, all in one diapers, all in two diapers and overnight diapers. Going to a local store that sells cloth diapers and looking at them all might help you make this decision. Buying some of every type of diaper to try out is also an option so then you will really know what works best for your baby.

Washing cloth diapers is something that scares people away from cloth diapering. Dealing with poop is not something most people want to do. Simply throwing away a disposable is easier but it’s really not as bad as you think.

For the first 6 months when baby is strictly on formula or breastmilk you don’t have to do anything to the diapers but wash them. Once they start eating solids things start to change a little. Setting up a sprayer in your bathroom is one option or simply using a spatula from the dollar store is another. They both do the job, you then put the “ploppable” poop in the toilet and flush!

How do you store cloth diapers?

You want to store them in something that is breathable like a laundry basket or laundry bag, this will help with not trapping the smell in. Going 3 to 4 days between washes is ideal depending on the amount of diapers that you have. Using cloth doesn’t mean that you don’t have to change your baby as often, you still want to change them every 1.5 to 2 hours unless you know they are wet of course.

There are many resources, articles, and blogs regarding cloth diapering. One of the biggest issues that people come across is washing. I hear all the time that our grandparents just threw the diapers in the wash and that was it, they didn’t have to worry about the type of detergent or machine they used. But if not wash properly you can come across a lot of different issues with your diapers, ammonia smell or a “barnyard” smell are a few of those issues. Ammonia can cause burns on your baby’s bottom or result in a horrible rash. You want to make sure that you are washing properly and a good resource to use is Fluff Love University.

Fluff Love University is a great website to learn all things cloth and one I utilized when I was beginning my cloth diapering journey. My daughter was 2 months old when we started cloth. She is almost one now and we are still using cloth diapers. We have saved a ton of money and we don’t ever have any “blow outs”. They have the cutest prints to choose from that in the summer we rarely wear pants, our diaper is definitely part of our outfit!

Owner of Amanda King- Postpartum Doula, LLC, Amanda King’s passion for helping parents during the postpartum period led her to leave her work in the medical field and pursue a career as a Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Placenta Specialist. In her personal time, you’ll find Amanda jogging, practising yoga, and exploring her city, Detroit, Michigan.

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