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We have been getting more and more inquiries from couples who are trying to conceive and seeking fertility treatments, seeking support from peers and professionals. We took it upon ourselves to answer this request for support by creating a group where you can feel safe discussing your journey.

1 in 6 Calgary couples experiences infertility.​


Infertility is defined as not having conceived after one year of unprotected sex. About 16% of couples are unable to conceive without some kind of assistance. If you’re are one of these couples it is important to know that you are not alone. Join the Facebook group and get the support you need.

We hope that the members of Calgary Infertility Support Group with share their stories, and offer information about how the treatments they are seeking. We welcome parents at any stage in their journey whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, conceived through fertility treatments, are in the exploratory stages of seeking assistance, etc.

Join our growing community of Calgary families, supporting, learning, sharing, grieving and rejoicing… together.


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