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Traditionally, birth doulas have had an on call window. When hiring a doula for labour support you could expect that they would be on call to attend your birth between 36-38 and 42 weeks. This model works well for solo birth doulas, and those that work casually within the industry. It allows them to arrange scheduling and plan for holidays.


We are career doulas who schedule our lives around our work, not the other way around. We understand that birth doesn’t always happen when it is expected. Due dates are just guesses and babies come when they want to. Complications can arise meaning you need support earlier than expected and some babies need a little more time to “cook”. We want you to know that you’ll have a doula when you need one, no matter what. When you hire Chinook City Doulas, a doula you know and trust is on call for you from the day you sign your contract until your baby is born.

The team model is an integral part of how we are able to go on call the day you sign a contract with us. You will be matched with a team of two doulas that you are able to connect with prenatally. Together, they share a calendar, ensuring one of them is always available to take your call, answer your questions, be a listening ear, or attend to in-person needs for childbirth.

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