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Thank you for being that mom.

Now that everyone is back to school, colds, infuenza and a wide variety of other viruses and bacteria are busy spreading from student to student (and teachers, too). There was an article floating around Facebook last week warning Southern Albertans of a gastrointestinal illness that has been going around. It seemed to be affecting more people than usual and of course, it is hitting the little ones and the elderly harder.

The previous evening my son gotten sick. He didn’t feel too bad the next day, but he had the telltale symptoms and was pretty happy to stay in bed. He didn’t even complain about being nagged to wash his hands 64 times.

By day three he was feeling better and begged to go to school. Unfortunately for him, his symptoms had not been gone for 24 hours. He was not happy at all. Normally he loves a bonus day to stay home from school but he had a project that was all he could think about. You would have thought I was torturing him by not allowing him to go in and share it with his class. I explained that it is important to ensure he was completely recovered. We talked about how an illness that only makes him feel a little under the weather can put a baby or someone with a weakened immune system in the hospital, or worse. I allowed him to play and enjoy his day off, as long as he washed his hands another 64 times.

When I went to pick up my youngest from playschool, I stopped into the office and let the secretary know that while he seemed better I had kept him home again to be sure. She replied “Thank you for being that mom.” I hadn’t considered that I was being any kind of mom, although I am pretty sure my son was feeling like I was that mom. Worst mom ever. Ruining-my-life-mom. We went on to laugh about the times we had thought our children were better when they weren’t and talk about how it’s better safe than sorry. Germs spread through schools faster than gossip through our tiny town outside of Calgary!

For all you mom’s that put up with a bored and energetic grade schooler who you were certain had recovered from an illness just to protect the rest of, I thank you. I appreciate that you missed a day of work or time to yourself or got behind on your errands and responsibilities to keep the rest of us healthy. To all you moms that pick up homework from school and get sick notes for work, your efforts are worthwhile. Thank you for being that mom.

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