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If you gave birth via C-section, you have added recovery challenges. Recovering from abdominal surgery is no joke (as you’ll find out the first time someone makes you laugh). It will be about 6 weeks before your incision heals but you’ll probably begin to feel like your old self before that. You will need extra support and care during this time.


Expect added value from visitors.

If they’re not coming to help, they shouldn’t be coming over. The last thing you need when recovering from a caesarean section is a house full of people you feel like you have to play hostess to. Many clients have us put together a chore list that visitors can choose from to earn snuggle time with the baby! I’d be happy to put one together for you!

It’s no fun to laugh, cough, sneeze, or throw up.

I always recommend you keep a pillow within reach in every room of your house and in your vehicle. When you feel a cough, sneeze, etc. coming on, hold the pillow tightly against your incision. This will reduce the discomfort and prevent that “my stitches are going to rip apart!” feeling. 

Have someone else do the driving. 

It may be up to six weeks before you can comfortable manage to load your car seat and baby into the car. Ask your doctor when he/she suggests you begin driving again. In the meantime, we’re happy to help you run your errands.


You need extra fluids to replace those that you lost during delivery and continue to lose if you are breastfeeding. Your body needs to be adequately hydrated to health efficiently.

Rest and relax.

It’s called postpartum recovery for a reason. You’re recovering. Treat yourself that way. The house work can wait or be managed by someone else. Avoid heavy lifting and standing for long periods. It can take some bravery to ask for assistance when you need it. Accept help offered and ask for help as needed. You’ll be your best self and a better parent if you care for you first!

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