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ProDoula‘s Randy Patterson put’s out periodic challenges to our private members group on Facebook. They are always things that force me out of my comfort zone and help me to serve clients better and grow my business. That Randy Patterson, she sure is amazing! This challenge encouraged us to make a short video, get on YouTube and talk about how we as doulas know when we have done our job well.
​I spent a lot of time thinking about this one. How do I know I have done my job well?

Is it when clients leave rave reviews? When clients return feedback forms full of compliments? Do we know we have done a good job when our contracts get extended? Or when our clients refer their friends and family to us?

​Those are all fabulous ways to be sure we have done our jobs as doulas well, but none of them are what fill me with gratitude for my work. I wanted to get raw and talk about how I know each day, deep down that I am enough. What is it about this work that leaves me feeling energized even after a long overnight postpartum shift or a  stop and start marathon birth?

It took me two days but I finally put it into words.

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