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Your placenta. An incredible organ that has nourished your baby and sustained your pregnancy for many months. The filter, barrier, and connection between mother and child. Oxygen was delivered, hormones were produced, and nourishment was given. But now the placenta’s work is complete, or is it?


The placenta has been honoured in many ways throughout history but today is often discarded as medical waste. If you’d like to pay homage to your placenta, or utilize it’s anecdotal healing abilities, you have numerous options, a few of which we’d like to share:

Placenta Encapsulation 

The most commonly chosen way to utilize the placenta here in Calgary is by having it encapsulated. A certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist prepares and dries the placenta, grinds it into a powder and puts it into capsules to be consumed by birthing parent. You can learn more about this popular service on our Placenta Services Page.

In some cultures, it is traditional to bury the placenta. It is common to plant a tree or shrub on top of the placenta to represent the child’s life.

Placenta Smoothies

A small piece of placenta is blended into a smoothie with fruit, yogurt or other ingredients. The placenta may be raw or processed powder from a capsule. We recommend all consumed placenta be processed to eliminate bacteria that may be present.

Lotus Birth

The placenta is left intact and connected to the baby by the umbilical cord. It is sometimes treated with salt and herbs to preserve it and prevent smells. The placenta may be buried once it has detached from the baby on it’s own.

Placenta Tincture

A common add on to placenta encapsulation services, a small piece of placenta is added to high proof alcohol and left to infuse for several weeks or months. This preparation will last indefinitely. It may be used a few drops at a time to manage PMS symptoms, in times of stress, and even to help with menopause. Tincture preparation is generally sought after as an add on service to placenta encapsulation.

What did you do to honor or utilize your placenta?

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