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Today’s the day! Your due date has finally arrived!

But now what?

​Nothing is longer than the final weeks of pregnancy! Maternity leave is already starting to get to you. You can’t stop analyzing every twinge for signs of labor.

A vacation would be perfect but knowing your baby may be born soon, you want to stay close to home. I’ve complied a list of 40 fabulous things that you can do while 40 weeks pregnant in Calgary!



  1. Write a letter to your baby.
  2. Feed the ducks at Prince’s Island Park. Pack a picnic or have lunch at River Cafe.
  3. Visit your chiropractor for a prenatal adjustment. We recommend Gillian Sawyer of Mama & Me Chiropractic. She’s worth the short drive to Cochrane!
  4. Get a pedicure.
  5. Visit UC Baby Calgary for 3D/4D ultrasound. Baby will be harder to see now that he is full term but that doesn’t make seeing your little ones beautiful face any less special. Don’t forget the Heartbeat Bear!
  6. Prepare some freezer meals that you can throw into your slow cooker after the baby is born.
  7. If you’re saving the baby shower excitement for after the baby is born, sign up for a gift registry or go over your existing registry in case your wishes have changed.
  8. Adults Only Night at Telus Spark.
  9. Create some new boards on Pinterest. Look for pins on baby food, infant crafts, postpartum recovery and other topics you’ll soon be searching.
  10. Stuff yourself with macarons and french pastries at Yann Haute Patisserie in the yellow house in Mission.
  11. Hire a labor doula! It’s never too late!
  12. Shop and eat at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. Don’t miss Wild Things Baby Stuff for organic baby food, green household items and baby products.
  13. Prepare for breastfeeding with private prenatal breastfeeding classes or a prenatal breastfeeding consultation with an IBCLC.
  14. Sunday brunch! The Rimrock Dining Room at Fairmont Palliser never disappoints.
  15. Book a newborn photography session.
  16. Visit the Calgary Zoo.
  17. Shop for nursing tops and dresses at Baby & Me Maternity.
  18. Go see a movie! Air conditioning and popcorn!
  19. Cool off with a tasty gelato at Fiasco.
  20. Visit Devonian Gardens, while doing a little shopping at CORE Shopping Center.
  21. Enjoy a latte at Ace Coffee + Diner.
  22. Install your baby’s car seat.
  23. Invite your closest friends, the ones that uplift and energize you, for mocktails and wine at Divino Bistro. I highly recommend you check out their cheese menu to satisfy those pregnancy cravings.
  24. If you haven’t already, pack your birth bag. Check out the Chinook City Doulas Printable Birth Bag Checklist for guidance.
  25. Get a prenatal massage.
  26. Color. There’s an adult coloring book for everyone and it’s wonderfully relaxing.
  27. Download a contraction timing app.
  28. Squeeze in some last minute childbirth education classes to help you feel prepared for birth. Our custom, private classes allow you to choose the topics that you want to learn about.
  29. Calgary is blessed with an abundance of pathways. Find a new trail and go for a walk!
  30. Visit an acupuncturist. Acupuncture is incredibly relaxing and may help your body prepare for birth. Visit our Links page for the acupuncturists we prefer to work with and recommend.
  31. Go parking with your partner at Nose Hill Park. The city lights are stunning from the 64th Avenue and 14 Street parking lot.
  32. Pick up those last minute items for your nursery at Pottery Barn Kids in Chinook Center. Relax on the Joey patio when you’re finished.
  33. Take a prenatal yoga class.
  34. Book your Placenta Encapsulation experience.
  35. Take a long bubble bath.
  36. Go for a swim! Swimming makes you feel weightless and is gentle on your joints and ligaments during pregnancy. Vecova Recreation Center has a 34.5 degree salt water pool, perfect for pregnancy and new babies.
  37. Netflix marathon! Binge watch your favorite show.
  38. Unplug. Turn off your phone and let those “Have you had the baby yet?” inquires wonder.
  39. Journal, blog, vlog. Share your story and feeling. Whether you keep it private for the memories or blast it on social media, venting your feelings, frustrations and joys is so freeing.
  40. Spend a day in bed. Have your partner bring you breakfast, and stay for snuggles. Intimacy increases the flow of oxytocin and may just be your ticket to baby bliss.

These last days and hours will soon be a memory. Enjoy those last few kicks, indulge those cravings and put your feet up.

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